Uniqop Persian Meals Shipping start-up

Uniqop is actually a Persian food shipping and delivery new venture which is shipping and delivery including Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheime, etc 2020 was the most detrimental financial season for a lot of organizations. Many organizations were required to reduce the volume of their staff due to economic troubles. Nonetheless, meantime, a start-up company which includes provided an internet based system for grocery shopping flourishes in Los Angles.

The young startup company, Uniqop started out its are employed in 2020 when many other companies were actually stopping their organizations due to Covid-19 issues. “We always sensed the necessity for this type of foundation to the Persian neighborhood in the usa Corona was actually a compulsory elegance for people like us.” explained the founders.

In accordance with the founders of Uniqop, given that there wasn’t an intensive foundation for Persian grocery shopping in the states, they developed the idea of Uniqop.

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